My First Karaoke Uitreik Experience
by Jennifer du Toit on Sep 5, 2017

Wake up! was the first thing that jumped into my mind as I woke up at 06:00 on a Saturday morning. The next thought was, it’s Karaoke Uitreik today. Usually this time on a weekend would be a disaster for me, as I’m quite the opposite of a morning person, but not this day. This was the day I would be an extra pair of hands on the set of the third episode, featuring Mishka Patel. Whilst preparing for the day, I happened to notice the stunning sunrise from my backyard, and even with it being a slightly damp morning, this reaffirmed my belief that it would be a wonderful day.

I began my assistance in the car en route to Bidvest McCarthy Volkswagen Parow with Niki and Riaan, by downloading the song they would be singing that day, Baby Tjoklits, and promptly getting it stuck in my head on endless loop as a result.

Being my first experience in anything film related, I was very much a fish out of water. Photographer I am not, but I enjoyed Niki putting me up to the task of capturing “BTS”, which of course means behind-the-scenes. This consisted of me snapping away at the team setting up cameras, sound and script.

Then, they were off.

As they drove to pick up Pasella presenter, Mishka Patel, from her residence in Somerset West and record the karaoke segment, I drove with Marcel to Jan Kriel School to continue camera set-up on location. There, we met up with Camera B operator and producer, Dylan Louw, as well as meeting the rest of the cast that consisted of Jan Kriel Headmaster, Gerrit Odendaal, vice principal Mariet Oosthuizen, Jan Kriel Institute Representative Fanie Heroldt and two students from the school, Liam and Sumarie.

Once filming began, I stood and watched the interviews taking place (also assisting, as we do) and I listened to Liam, who has a passion for being on camera and motivational speaking. I came to know that he dreams of being an actor one day, and his favourite quote is, “choose a career you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” I watched Sumarie, a soft-spoken young lady who was approached by the school to take part in the Mr & Miss Jan Kriel, and, excitingly enough, won said pageant. She spoke about how her twin sister motivates her in life and her motto is to “never quit.” Of all the things that were said that Saturday, the way Liam ended his interview rocked me the most: “for every disability, there’s a stronger ability.”

Once filming had been wrapped up at around 13:00, everyone packed up the equipment, and we drove back to from where we came. We were tired, but the good kind, and happy. It had been a delightful day.

I got to learn more of the ins and the outs of what goes into recording something like this in the most perfect way possible. The photographers were perfectly patient in answering my numerous questions about how the smallest details work, and the sound technician allowed me to hear what he hears and how the equipment has the ability to pick up the faintest of sounds. My expectation when arriving for the day was certainly to broaden my technological knowledge, but I had no idea that I would leave not only with more knowledge, but I had been inspired and motivated by these youngsters, who have a more positive outlook on life than the majority of adults I know. I learned that very little is needed to make a happy life, it is all within yourself and your way of thinking, as well as what it means to work for a cause and not for applause.



Events Management

Don't make your hobby your job, they said. Well, we did. And we love it! Allow Tikevati to manage your small-medium sized event and you'll be sure to catch up on a bit of relaxation. Kick up your feet and calm your nerves as we handle everything, from food, to invites, to décor and the list goes on.

Media & PR

If you're doing something cool, you should probably get proof of it. As 'Selfies' and 'We's' and 'Groupies' (yes, terminology of today is not very advanced) don't always make the cut, we've got you covered. With an experienced crew and a line-up of I-can-definitely-watch-your-face-for-hours presenters, we can cover whatever you're doing with ease and style.

Charity Funding

With all jokes aside, we have to admit, we're true softies. *Queue sympathetic audience aah's. Tikevati notices the need of South Africa's beautiful inhabitants and we have taken it upon ourselves to make a difference, even if only to the life of one. Our credo reads: "Spread hope, by creating hope", and it's what we intend to do!


GO Techno
GO Techno

GO Techno was hosted on the 27th of May at GO Health Club Tygervalley.

We wanted to create a healthy club environment that you could enjoy on a Saturday night.

DJ Shelly made sure that the mood was set and the techno/lumo theme ensured a colorful crowd.

This event was in support of Kingdom Kiddies, a foster home taking in abused and abandoned children, some of whom, are living with HIV/Aids. Participants included Ravin Lee Colbe, Charisna van der Merwe, Total Sports, Fit Freak and AWII amongst many others.

GO 10s
GO 10s

The Tikevati GO 10s, in association with GO Health Club, was hosted at Fives Futbol Century City on the 25th of February. This event consisted of both dodgeball and soccer and was played for a good cause.

Yiva Dwaleni is an 11 year old foster boy who has been in Kingdom Kiddies care, since the age of 10 months. He has a very big passion for cricket and also shows a lot of promise. Unfortunately his caretakers, who care for him deeply, cannot afford to pay for his cricket lessons and that is why we chose to support him. With this event we successfully managed to arrange lifetime lessons for Yiva at a cricket coach teaching in their desired area. Not only that, the coach has accepted him as part of their family and will be sponsoring his gear as well as paying for him to travel with them on tours.

Tikevati Gymathon
Tikevati Gymathon

This event was hosted at GO Health Club SA to promote healthy living with a good cause. We had celebrity contenders such as Mishka Patel, JP Robberts, Pierre Greeff and Francois van Coke. The community, celebrities and corporate companies came together to Support Frankie’s Gym, a registered NPO.

Uncle Frankie lost his son, who tried to save a girl from being raped by gang members, and got stabbed 12 times. Later, in hospital, his son ask Uncle Frankie to not send them to jail, but instead to help the gang members. After his son’s death, he invited those gang members to his house and told that he will be opening a gym for them to help keep them off the streets. Today he has about 80 regulars that attend his gym. There are currently no known gangs in the Strand area. He continues to spread hope to the community by being a safe haven and a father to those who need it.

We successfully managed to raise R6000’s worth of gym equipment and 40 litres of paint. We are still trying to get flooring and mirrors to completely transform the gym that will help motivate the members to keep living a healthy, good lifestyle.


Tikevati had the privilege of being a part of the PSG wellness day. PSG supports a healthy lifestyle and encourages their employees to eat healthy and get regular exercise. GO Health Club, Crossfit Durbell, Herbalife, Mel-licious dishes and Movember are a few of the brands that took part in this innovative, corporate, wellness expo.

GO Corporate Challenge
GO Corporate Challenge

GO Corporate Challenge was hosted at GO Health Club Tygervalley on the 22nd of June 2017. Competitors took part in running, cycling, a ladies class and weight training for a good cause. Kingdom Kiddies is a foster home that takes in abused and abandoned children.


About Us

Tikevati was established in January 2017 by co-founders Riaan Barnard and Niki De Wet, who both grew up in the mother city, Cape Town. They both have a contagious passion for people and a track record in events management. After collaborating on an event, they agreed that they were called to start a company together. The word Tikevati means hope in Hebrew. The name was only fitting, as they knew that their main goal would be to spread hope across South Africa, and what better place to start than in the Cape of Good Hope? Tikevati applies first world education such as media, PR and events, to overcome third world challenges in South Africa. The Tikevati Foundation recognises the opportunity to support registered local NGOs, NPOs and NPCs, who are currently making a difference in our country and do not receive any support from the government, but rather depend on the community for funds and exposure. We also aim to connect corporate businesses, local celebrities and the community with those in need, by raising funds and awareness. We believe that by positively impacting the life of even just one less fortunate person in South Africa, he/she can grow to become the face of a new hero in our country. Tikevati provides an opportunity for volunteers to participate in all projects and events, to make a difference in their own unique way.

We're friends (officially)

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